Edera - Wholesale-retail company

    Trading house "Eder" - is a wholesale-retail network for the sale of hosiery, knitwear and underwear in the Perm region. It includes two wholesale warehouses and a network of retail stores in Perm and Persian region.


    Trading house "Eder" - cooperates with the largest importers of hosiery, knitwear and underwear to the Russian market, and by producers, including domestic, eliminating the intermediate links in the promotion of goods from producer to the final consumer, to organize uninterrupted supply of products, guarantee its quality and price stability.

    Trading house "Eder" - the company developing strategic relationships with partners, finding an individual approach and considering not only their interests but also the interests of each of the partners to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation and development.

    The main advantage of our company is the ability to pick up the full range of the product for the client and provide a full range of services for him.
For customers offers a wide selection of equipment of different companies, serving as an additional advertising.
Company's warehouses are fully computerized, introduced a system of shaped coding of the goods, providing high speed of customer service and efficient processing of information on turnover, increases sales and reduces customer service.

    Trading house "Eder" offers in its range a large number of kinds of tights, lingerie, hosiery, socks, swimwear, etc. of famous foreign and domestic brands, such as :
TM "Era" TM "Conte" TM "Era" TM "grace" Brest stocking-glove factory, TM "Diwari" TM "AllaBuone" TM "Intimidea" TM "Aveline," TM "LuceDelSole" TM "Pelican" TM "Milavitsa" TM "If" TM "Karmen" TM "Nicoletta" TM "Bestia" TM "Diva's Charm", "Let's Go," TM "Marc&Andre", "X-File", etc.

Trading house "Eder" is the official distributor of TM "Era" TM "Cifra" TM "Аlla buone" TM "Conte" TM "Should". TM "Diwari"


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Knee from EDERA

#детям_от_ederaWhen a family has a little Princess!

Women's panties from EDERA

#соблазн_от_ederaGorgeous panties-slip Alla Buone 6015 create the perfect shape outline, outlining the line of buttocks and hips.With this panties totally invisible under clothing and suitable not only for everyday outfit but also for a luxurious evening dress.Briefs have a cotton gusset, the seams of which are processed by laser.The model has lace inserts with a floral motif at the sides and bow. Even after several washings panties from Alla Buone perfectly retain their shape and original color.

Men's underwear from EDERA

#мужчинам_от_ederaWhen there is no need to compromise!Men's boxer shorts Divari, МВХ001 - at the price of 555 rubles.

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#тренд_от_ederaThe most popular trend this season - lightweight, practical jumpsuit. And no less popular fabric is denim.A versatile selection from the EDERA!

Men's socks from EDERA

#мужчинам_от_ederaMarathons, charity fun runs or morning workouts, and just extreme requires decent equipment.

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#мужчинам_от_ederaMarathons, charity fun runs or morning workouts, and just extreme requires decent equipment.
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#мужчинам_от_ederaWhen there is no need to compromise!Men's boxer shorts Divari, МВХ001 - at the price of 555 rubles.
#тренд_от_ederaBleached denim - the trend of the season!And the classic denim jacket has become one of the basic elements of wardrobe. Because with it you can create a huge variety of images ;)
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