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What color will be fashionable in 2017?

Most modern girls are trying to at all began to follow the latest trends in fashion. It is important difficult to choose the right style of jacket or the skirt length, and some trendy shades for clothes are popular at a certain time. So let's look at what color will be fashionable in 2017.

Bleached denim - the trend of the season!
And the classic denim jacket has become one of the basic elements of wardrobe. Because with it you can create a huge variety of images ;)

6 the main features of fashionable tights fall-winter 2016-2017

Fashion tights are also changing rapidly and unpredictable as everything else. Ladies always keep in the wardrobe a few pairs of tights. In addition to the classic models, each beauty must be fancy. In the new season designers have shown a rich range of fashion tights, among which you will definitely pick up something interesting. They can become an interesting accent in the way important to use them correctly. So, what made us the 2016-2017 season?

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